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If anyone has done media studies at a levl before or produced short films i need to create two film trailers for media studies, they can be any genre, any. Coming from our initial ideas, we chose to base our soap trailer on a returning character who was involved in a secret affair with an existing character. Barthes argued that media texts such as my trailer present a puzzle for the audience which has to be solved the part of the puzzle being statements that give an insight to my media product finally i have also changed the colour of the text as i believe that the connotations of red (blood, fear, evil) match the genre of the film in a much more.

Gcse media studies for certification from june 2014 onwards (version 11) trailers, production, distribution and exhibition as well as genre study • video. Conventions of trailers it was important to look at trailer conventions as well as genre specific conventions in order to maximise our potential of creating the most professional looking film. Media theory and horror conventions- horror trailer by champagnemorgan in my horror trailer i had the choice to either go against the usual conventions of a horror movie or stick to them. Film trailer coursework blog office initially we had the idea to film in royal holloway, university of london for scenes where our detective is investigating the case.

For my a level media studies coursework we have to create a 90 second teaser trailer for a horror/thriller film has anyone got some clever or quirky ideas/storyline that i could possibly use - my mind is totally blank atm thanks in advance. During the production of my three products which were the teaser trailer, poster and film magazine front cover, i used many different technologies to help construct each product and get them to their current state. Not sure how many people on here are actually doing wjec media studies but i hope this is helpful to some wjec media studies a2 coursework i was thinking of. Posts about a2 media coursework written by teekaii blair witch project these are 3 already well known horror movie trailers, taken from the comprised list of top 25 horror movies of all time.

Therefore, we intended to make one ourselves our trailer looked professional and alike real media products we selected to make this through a2 media studies coursework. Camera angles are important, for many reasons, different shots denote different matters of subject, it can deliever important information, create impact, facilitate editing, it can emphasize and determine a point, camera angles are a subtle yet vital devise in film making. Media studies: film trailer analysis worksheets here are the three pieces of coursework i do with my year 10s for a one-year media course we do dvd promotion. Dominic beharry da a2 media coursework classic and poster analysis- although the trailer reveals a lot about the film, almost a summary of what will happen in a.

A minimum of two media areas must be covered in the portfolio as a whole the assignment will focus the assignment will focus on the following media key concepts. This resource contains lesson plans for film analysis for gcse media coursework and examines genre, camera shots and music in film the powerpoint presentation included in this resource has a series of film still showing and labeling the camera angle or s. Media coursework planning- risk assessment and back up plan published october 19, 2011 by shanice butler a2 media studies as my film trailer is going to be set in a nearby field and forest i would need to consider a range of potential saftey risks that could be present on set. A blog following my a2 media coursework george hall a blog following my a2 media coursework during different stages and cuts of my trailer, i listed my trailer.

Paralysis - horror film trailer [a2 media coursework] - a grade posted by brickers at 02:25 email this blogthis share to twitter share to facebook share to pinterest. Introduction i'm katie, a 19 year old a2 media student and this is my coursework page the task is to create a promotional package for a new film, consisting of a trailer, film poster and a magazine cover.

Written coursework on this page you will find guidance and samples of the a2 coursework completed by former students a2 media coursework production. A2 g324 media coursework: zoe stewart & bradley gale (eggleton) the website would lead the audience to a trailer, and then the trailer would persuade the audience. Media coursework - film these ways of advertisement can be television trailers television trailers are where short film clips are put together with voiceovers.

media trailer coursework My a2 media coursework blog  i have had alot of feedback for my trailer and my ancillary texts, most of which i believe has been very positive, i'm happy with.
Media trailer coursework
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